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We offer a unique and contemporary style of apparel that amplifies the unheard voice. 

First product line launched was HBCU Proof of Success. There is nothing minor about them and why we chose it first. HBCUs' continue to have a MAJOR and LASTING impact. This tagline embodies everything from Education, Scientific Research, Fashion, Dignity, Innovation, Community, Dopeness, Influence, Culture, Entertainment, Athletics, not to mention the Sororities and Fraternities founded at Howard University… It transcends beyond the college campuses and is fabricated throughout History, which the world recently witnessed on January 20, 2021. 

Second product line launched is VOTE!  Voting is everyone’s civic duty. Your vote is your voice. In the last few months America has witnessed the power in voting. 

Express and Connect by adding one of these pieces to your collection.


Stay tuned.

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